Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parenting Myself

Do you ever do this? I mean, we ALL do it... It's just that those of us who are parents notice it more. ;)

* We make ourselves go to bed after prying ourselves away from the TV, internet, etc.

* We make ourselves eat healthy even when we really just want a brownie.

* We make ourselves do our chores in a reasonable time.

* We set limits every day on the things we allow ourselves to do.

Well, sometimes I do these things, but yesterday I was noticing how lazy I have gotten. I have hidden it well under the guise of "I'm an adult now! I deserve to do what I want! All those years people told me what to do and now I can (insert thing of choice)."

I am pretty consistent with my kids. We help them make good choices pretty much all day. (This came in REALLY handy during my 4 day struggle with Vertigo. I was SO grateful that my kids knew how to clean the house. It was one less thing I had to worry about. Judah also poured Gideon breakfast cereal without me telling him to. And, miracle of all miracles, he SWEPT up the cereal he spilled in the process!!)

We are always talking about why we do things (chores, eat healthy, less sugar, rest, etc).

The other night I was thinking about feeding the kids and waiting to eat till after they went to bed so that I could just eat the junk I wanted to eat. This would be fine if it was something that only happened once in a while but I've noticed my flesh getting the better of me. I laughed thinking that I would not allow my kids to do this and I was almost glad that I was not my own parent!!! Because I just knew that I would "hate" myself. (rolling my eyes)

I realized that I need to be more diligent in the choices I make for me and not let myself get away with so many things. :)

Of course, I'm NOT saying that you have to give up that bowl of ice cream you eat with your significant other at night when the kids go to bed... There ARE certain perks to being an adult. Hehehe!!!

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crzy4myfam said...

I so so so so so hear you!