Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parenting Myself

Do you ever do this? I mean, we ALL do it... It's just that those of us who are parents notice it more. ;)

* We make ourselves go to bed after prying ourselves away from the TV, internet, etc.

* We make ourselves eat healthy even when we really just want a brownie.

* We make ourselves do our chores in a reasonable time.

* We set limits every day on the things we allow ourselves to do.

Well, sometimes I do these things, but yesterday I was noticing how lazy I have gotten. I have hidden it well under the guise of "I'm an adult now! I deserve to do what I want! All those years people told me what to do and now I can (insert thing of choice)."

I am pretty consistent with my kids. We help them make good choices pretty much all day. (This came in REALLY handy during my 4 day struggle with Vertigo. I was SO grateful that my kids knew how to clean the house. It was one less thing I had to worry about. Judah also poured Gideon breakfast cereal without me telling him to. And, miracle of all miracles, he SWEPT up the cereal he spilled in the process!!)

We are always talking about why we do things (chores, eat healthy, less sugar, rest, etc).

The other night I was thinking about feeding the kids and waiting to eat till after they went to bed so that I could just eat the junk I wanted to eat. This would be fine if it was something that only happened once in a while but I've noticed my flesh getting the better of me. I laughed thinking that I would not allow my kids to do this and I was almost glad that I was not my own parent!!! Because I just knew that I would "hate" myself. (rolling my eyes)

I realized that I need to be more diligent in the choices I make for me and not let myself get away with so many things. :)

Of course, I'm NOT saying that you have to give up that bowl of ice cream you eat with your significant other at night when the kids go to bed... There ARE certain perks to being an adult. Hehehe!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Serious Summer FUN!!

Okay, since I haven't blogged in about 10 months I am going to assume that I have NO readers left. hehe It's not like I had a big following anyway and the really funny part was that I thought that my parents (and the inlaws) would enjoy seeing pics of the kids online. My MIL did. My parents... well dad kept forgetting to check it and my mother loathes (no exaggeration) computers. PLUS- the kids broke my camera about 5 months ago and as a result I have NO new pictures. What's a blog without adorable pics of my kids. :(

I still don't have any pictures but I didn't want to forget about the fun times we are having so I am blogging tonight to preserve memories... especially since I STILL don't have a digital camera- SIGH!

The last 2 summers have been hard. I had surgery last summer and recovery and physical therapy made it hard to do anything really fun. I couldn't get the sling wet, it was too hot to sit in the sun and sweat in a sling I had to wear 24/7, etc.

The summer before that I had pneumonia. My dad also had to have 2 surgeries that summer so I made 2 trips to Ohio. Getting my energy back after the pneumonia was really hard. Also a disappointing summer for me and the boys.

You see, I LOVE summer! Hot weather, water, sports, flowers, sunshine, playing in the rain cuz it's warm enough, slip and slide, beach, riding bikes, ice cream, etc... I love it all. :)

THIS summer- I am DETERMINED to suck all the marrow out of it. We've already started doing that. Homeschooling ended at the End of May for us this year.

We've already:

gone to the beach

drawn on the driveway with chalk and played Snail

spent time outdoors just enjoying the sunshine

I watched the boys ride bikes while I sipped expensive iced coffee on the porch (way more than once)

I hardly EVER wear shoes outside now...

Oh and I introduced the boys to Klondike bars. I thought it was high time. :)

We've ordered take out at the end of the hot days. (*cough* more than once)

Today was a fun excursion.
After rest time, the boys and I hiked up to Little Falls. (A favorite spot). We bought food before the hike and ice cream on the way home. :)
Usually we just take sandwiches but I'm all about the extravagant experiences just for now. ;)

About 1/2way down the path Thomas had stopped to get something out of his sandal (AGAIN) and my back was to the path. He yelled,"Mom look out!!" I whirled around and let out a HUGE SCREAM. I saw something barreling towards me but it didn't register (till I scared them 1/2 out of their minds) that it was 2 harmless adorable puppies and not some giant woodland animals about to attack me. They were the cutest red hounds I have EVER seen... well since that "Where the Red Fern Grows" movie. ;) (The book was WAY better by the way)

They followed us to the waterfall and the boys had a GREAT time playing with them, for over an hour, until their owners came and found them. They were sad to see them go.

Things I don't want to forget about today:

The way Judah looked standing under the heaviest spray of the waterfall.

The first time his suit started to slip off while he was under the spray.

The SWEET way Thomas "took care" of Gideon while we were hiking.

The way Judah freaked out every time it thundered (I prayed it would pass over- God answered my prayer) and ran to me and said, "I die with Mama!" To which I rolled my eyes and said, "We're NOT going to die! Quit saying that! You're freaking Gideon out!" So he changed it to, "I'll LIVE with Mama!" as he grabbed my hand. HAHA!!

The time when Judah fell in the stream and cut his elbow and hit his funny bone at the same time and as he was struggling not to cry I said in a very serious voice, "That's your funny bone Judah. Why aren't you laughing? You're supposed to be LAUGHING!" Which totally cracked him up and then he couldn't stop laughing for several minutes. I love that kid.

The way the 2 olders held the puppies and just loved on them.

All three boys hiking with the dogs in pure boyish glee. While I walked behind an reminded them that we have THREE dogs at home that eat PLENTY!

The way the waterfall reminded me of how powerful God is. Every time I stood near the spray and felt the power... It was just an awesome experience.

The looks on the boys faces when I got them big ice cream cones on the way home.

Ah, I just LOVE summer!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zoo field trip!

Michael drove all night bringing the two new alpacas home on August 9-10. The morning of August 10th we (the boys and I) headed out to Greenville zoo for most of the day. We left at about 6:30 and arrived at about 8:00am. The boys were THRILLED that we had the park to ourselves for about an hour and a half.

They were especially excited that this thing did not have it's usual long line. I really get nervous when they are on it. It's like a neck injury just waiting to happen!

But THEY love it. :)

Gideon giving biggest brother a ride.

He's really into climbing things... He's a boy.

See? :)

My oldest two FINALLY learned to start themselves on the swing this year. I could hardly contain my excitement!!! Thomas got going really high here.

Judah was not feeling safe that high so he kept it a little lower.

Gideon cannot start himself and since the shoulder surgery I really should not be pushing him so he just had fun a different way.

Planes go high!!!

I like how Judah matches the truck. lol!

I'm finished swinging now Mom.

It's climbing time now!

Thomas had to get in on the action.

Gideon joined them too.

Only, he wasn't too sure about it once he got a little higher. :)

They love to spin on these things. It makes my stomach churn just to watch.

Gideon went at a slower pace thank goodness.

TWO HOURS later the zoo finally opened...

Elephants are so cool!

They really are!

The boys thought the lemurs with their loud shrieking noise were the coolest thing ever!! (They've seen them many times but I don't think they've ever heard them make that noise up close before.)

So cute!

We're having so much fun!!

I think the giraffes have got to be my favorite animal here.

I'm also partial to tortoises.

A fun time was had by all.

First Day of School Pics... about 4 weeks late.

My crazy homeschooled kids have no idea that summer is supposed to last as long as possible. So, they begged to start school the last week of July... so we did. :)

Here are pics from the first day...

Special first day of school breakfast and NO it was NOT healthy!!! Normally we make muffins at home but I wanted something fast that day. Lemon cake from Walmart with Fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Gideon "smiles" this way for the camera now. EEK! If I want a natural smile I have to catch him unaware. LOL!

My Thomas!

There is no need for backpacks here at Basics and Beyond Academy but we do get them new school supplies each year. The usual; scissors, glue, pencils, erasers, etc.
This year they also got colored baskets to keep them in. The gifts were a big hit.

Gideon loved that he got scissors this year like a big boy!

I hope they are this easy to please in a few years.

Then again, I got practically giddy with excitment purchasing the supplies so there's hope. LOL!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Additions

Well, Cocoa Powder isn't exactly a "new" edition (we officially bought and paid for her in December) but she is now living here!!!

I don't know if I made this public here or not but after the excitement of the beautiful boy cria she gave birth to in June, a definite loss was felt when he died about 2 weeks after birth. He was fine for about 10 days and then suddenly took sick. The other farm did all they could for him but in the end it just wasn't enough.

This proposed another problem besides the loss of the cria. Pregnant girls cannot be TOO stressed or they will lose their babies. No alpaca wants to be alone (you cannot have just one- ever!) and she was going to have to travel about 8 hours to get here. :( So, Erin gave us a great deal on a pet fiber male. This is a male who didn't quite make their herdsire cut. :) He's a beautiful silver grey male that we named Silver Bullet. :) We call him bullet for short. He seems to be fine with that.

Cocoa and Bullet are adjusting well to our farm. They aren't used to living in a small herd and they aren't used to as much interaction from 2 legged things as ours are. Today though I saw definite progress. I walked about 5 feet away from Cocoa and she didn't bolt. That's progress. When I went to hose them off this afternoon she came right up next to me to let me do it. :) I think I have found a way to her heart. hehe They are also getting used to our dogs. Cygwyn is ENAMOURED with Cocoa. He just follows her around. It's hilarious. She hates it. She is so skittish. But she's getting used to him. :) Destiny is helping out too by loving on me and showing her new buddies that I am okay. She's such a doll!

I have some pictures for you to see but I have to warn you... Cocoa photographs horribly! She is really pretty up close but bay blacks are hard to photograph since their eyes get lost in the darkness of their faces. We really have a rainbow of colors out in the field now.

See for yourself...

Grazing together

"Oh look! Mommy's here!!" Bottle babies are always special. :)

"Oh it's the 2 legged thing again."

Such a looker!

Ignoring me

Goofy look. She really is pretty in person.

Such a sweet girl.

All together

The "boss" of the pasture. This was taken after I hosed down their bellies. :)

Sleep well everyone.
Angela :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

If you have to wear a sling for 6 weeks... Fashion ones can be fun! I ordered it off EBAY. Ignore the tired look on my face. I was exhausted. :)

It's especially cool if you already have a zebra print shirt. LOL!

I also got a John Deer one! Pretty cool huh?

About a week and a half ago we went over to my friend K's pool for an afternoon. It was a MUCH needed outing after being cooped up with the boys for several weeks since the surgery.

"I think I'll just watch cuz my mommy can't get in."

"MOM! Watch me swim underwater!!"

When they both did it at the same time it reminded me a bit of a show at Sea World. LOL!

Diving board fun. (I pouted on the sidelines. Don't worry the kids didn't see me pout. I was very discreet.)

Nice one Judah!

This was a nice dive by Judah.

Thomas flying high

"You want us to try WHAT?!"

I love this picture. I was worried however that they would land on each other's head. Didn't happen. I was greatly relieved.

"I'm not too sure about this."

"I think I can do this!"


Thomas tried to dive but mostly belly flopped. He told us it didn't hurt. (Yeah right!)

Noodles are so much fun. :)

I told Judah he reminded me of a jet ski. :D He loved that.

So they spent the afternoon having a water fight. :)

Gideon finally got back in!

He blew lots of bubbles. :)

A fun time was had by all. K, thanks so much for blessing us like that!!